Friday, 23 February 2018

Who doesn't love an Octopus?

As my children get bigger and louder (sooooo much louder) and want to have friends around more, we have had to look at moving them into their own rooms. Which is fine, but also means we needed to furnish a second children's bed room. Given they spend a bit of time in their rooms, I wanted their rooms to look nice and reflect their personalities (but also not spend much money - bahahahahahahaha). 

I'd snaffled an old chest of drawers from my parents basement when we were there over Christmas (the drawers got to come camping with us from Balclutha to Te Anau to Tekapo to Nelson before arriving in Wellington). While the drawers were perfectly "functional" (sorry no before shots) they were not really pretty. 

Cue an email from Spoonflower advertising 15% off their fabric wallpaper which then led me down the internet rabbit hole of all the different things you can do with said fabric wallpaper..... Before I knew it, we (me & the almost 8 year old*) had selected a design and it was winging it's way from Germany to Wellington resulting in............

I LOOOOOOOVE it, my almost 8 year old loves it and it is so him. He loves creatures and octopuses (octopi?) are currently his favourite. Choice wise, there were loads of options, but, one observation I did make was that because the wall paper is designed for well, walls, most images were quite large scale making it a bit tricksy to find one for this purpose. In the end though, I'm happy with how well these octopus looked sliced up...

It was remarkably easy to stick on; I initially had flashback fears to my school days trying to put duraseal on my school books, but this was easy to cut and could be peeled and stuck several times (which is handy should you accidentally stick a piece on upside down - ask me how I know?). 

There is a bit of "wisping" on the edges and that started from the get go so in terms of its durability, time will tell. End of the day it is on a chest of drawers used by an (almost) 8 year old boy who is not always the most gentle with his things so if I get a year out of it, i'll be happy.  

Cost wise, I paid $31.00 (NZ), for a 3 foot length (almost a metre?) which included shipping ($4.00). It is a bit on the pricey side, however because the drawers themselves were free, I'm happy to pay that to make them look good. 

I guess the real test around a product is would you use it again? and I would! ** We are planning on opening out the (almost) 8 years olds wardrobe so it becomes more of a desk nook and I think i'll get some more for the back of the wall of this; probably in the octopus print again. Given a lot more will be needed, I think i'll wait until Spoonflower do their free international shipping 

*Apparently calling someone 7 when they are "almost 8" is the worst thing you can do to them

** None of my excitement around fabric wallpaper is sponsored, I just love how it turned out


  1. RAD!!! You know you could make this last a lot longer with a few coats of Mod Podge to seal it Cheap and effective! Available you know where ;-)